Chair- Stephen Cocks

  • Chairs Committee Meetings and the AGM

Treasurer- Neil Elder

  • Responsible for payments into and from the two Group bank accounts,
  • keeps financial records and reports to the Committee about its finances

Secretary- Mandy Norris

  • Takes notes (minutes) at Committee meetings and the AGM
  • Helps the Chair deal with correspondence on behalf of the Group

Walks Co-Ordinator- Steve Nicholas

  • Provides help and advice to walk leaders
  • Approves walks for publication on the Group website and helps to ensure a balanced program
  • Monitors the Group Facebook page and webpage

Membership Secretary- Carol Ransome

  • Keeps up to date membership records based on information from the Ramblers’ national office
  • Checks lists of walkers from walk leaders against those records- regular walkers with the Group should be Ramblers Association members in order to be covered by insurance. (Walk Leaders MUST be RA members)

Area Representatives – David Morris, Terry Jones

  • Attend the Area Council meetings

Remember, we are all volunteers.

A friendly, social & active walking group